New Jersey Meadowlands Commission
Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute

The New Jersey Sports and Exposotion Authority (NJSEA) scientific and technical arm (MERI) is the data steward of critical GIS data about the Meadowlands and its 14 In-District towns. Since the early 1990's the NJMC has been providing spatially explicit geographic data to assist town planners, engineers, and emergency officials, including NJMC staff to make better and sound decision using GIS data. As part of NJMC's on-going data maintenance, and making these datasets available to the public, metadata (data about data) has become a large part of the mapping and GIS initiative to the 14 municipalities. Without these metadata, important information such as when, what and where about the data becomes a question mark; simply put - "What, how, when was this data developed and by who?" If these questions can be answered, MERI's metadata portal is where to begin...