MERI: Sediment Chemistry Data Portal

Welcome to the Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute (MERI) Sediment Chemistry Data Portal

This site provides a quick and easy way to view sediment and soil data from studies conducted both by the MERI Laboratory and by other organizations for sites within the Meadowlands region. Click on the links to search by study, chemical name, or for a specific chemical in a study. You will be able to view a list of chemical data, including information on the study names, concentration of each compound at each site, site location and map, sampling depth, sampling date, and test criteria.

Only compounds with detected concentrations or compounds listed in the original study as their detection limits (followed by a qualifier such as U) appear in this data portal. Compounds not detected in the soil or listed as ND are not included in search results. To view a full list of data including these compounds or to obtain further details, please consult the original study. Studies can be found on the MERI website, in the MERI library, or on the library database.